Professional ‘Qi’ Series Lasers

*How’s that pronounced? Qi. Like “Chee,” the natural life-force energy in Chinese Medicine.
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Qi Series Lasers

Professional quality at an affordable price

Salt and Pepper…
Fire and Ice…
Yin and Yang…
Tonification and Sedation…
Whichever is your favorite pairing, you’re sure to love this pair of professional-grade Qi* Series lasers.

Our Qi Series offers top-quality features you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Durable, all-metal construction
  • Recessed on/off switch is drop tested, and won’t accidentally turn on in your bag
  • Each Laser uses two AAA batteries (included)
  • Carry case is included
  • 1-year warranty
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QiPulse Red Lasers
This isn’t the typical laser pointer you buy at the office supply store. (Those have a completely different wavelength.) This is the real thing!

Stimulating, red laser light has been proven by decades of use. Our QiPulse lasers feature the following:

  • Correct 635 nM wavelength
  • 5 mW power for safety
  • FDA Class IIIa laser product

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The matched QiPulse and QiCalm lasers make the perfect set!

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QiCalm Blue Lasers
For years calming, blue light has traditionally been associated with relaxation, sedation, and tranquility. Though blue LED’s have been readily available for years, a true, saphire-blue laser is a new development.

This isn’t the blue/violet/ultraviolet 405 nM laser that some try to sell as blue. Look at the difference:
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405nM violet “blue” laser
(Don’t be fooled)

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450nM blue laser
(The real thing)

A true, 450nM blue laser requires an advanced manufacturing process that is more expensive than the cheaper violet lasers. Because this technology has just become available, quantities are limited.

Our QiCalm Blue lasers feature the following:

  • Correct 450 nM wavelength
  • 5 mW power for safety
  • FDA Class IIIa laser product

What users are saying:

(After extensive dental work) It was 4:30 in the afternoon and the Novocain was wearing off...Then I remembered I had just received the BLUE PEN!!!! awesome that sweet thing is!!!!  I could actually feel the heat and the energy!!!!!  With my hand on a bible, my pain was gone within the treatment time. I treated LI4 and ST7 specifically, and then just painted my entire cheek area like surround the dragon. To be honest with you, I couldn't believe it. 
Ellen Frantz
I like it! It’s very nice on “calming” points. HT 7... etc. I find it useful to use both blue and red simultaneously...i.e. blue on LR 2 and red on SP 2. It’s nicer than needles on jing-well points.
Ernie Akers
I love my QiCalm laser. It provides an instant calming effect on acupoints and on the nervous system. And as always, I love Miridia’s commitment to excellent products and customer service. Thanks for another great healing tool.
Michelle Schoffro Cook
The blue laser is a wonderful addition to my tools.

I compare the red and blue lasers’ effect on the acupoint. As an example, in the ear I palpate with a probe and find out which laser color relieves the press pain of a probe tip. 

Thanks for the blue laser.  It has already proven more effective when needed. Just like positive or negative electric stimulation (microcurrent) on a specific point can also be used, the laser colors give more options.
John DiVelbiss
I love the blue laser. I've been using it for 2 weeks and am having amazing results! The first day I used it to treat plantar fascia tightness and cervical tightness. The patients reported back the following day that they noticed a decrease in symptoms and felt more relaxed in those areas. I highly recommend and already have told several others to buy one.
Daniel Geisler

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QiPulse Red Lasers:

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QiCalm Blue Lasers:

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Buy the QiCalm Blue Laser

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Great Value!

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Matched Laser Set
1 QiPulse Red
1 QiCalm Blue

Buy the Matched Laser Set

Only $299.95

Save $30!