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Laser Acupuncture in Your Practice: What you Need to Know

By Kimberly Thompson L.Ac.
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Isn't it interesting that the number one reason people visit a healthcare provider is because of pain. Chronic pain affects about 100 million American adults—more than the total affected by heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined. Now consider this: the number one reason people avoid seeing an acupuncturist is because they are afraid of pain!

Even practitioners with the best needling skills have trouble attracting patients who are afraid of needles. Do you have options in your clinic for these patients? Fear of needles is very real and will often cause potential patients to reject even the idea of acupuncture treatment. Often you will hear many people say, "Acupuncture? Nobody's going to stick a bunch of needles in me!"

And yet, there are multiple ways to move
qi and blood in the body, providing excellent results without needles. Modern research has provided new opportunities for acupuncture treatments that did not previously exist, including microcurrent, magnetic treatments and laser acupuncture.
Laser acupuncture is practiced widely throughout Europe and Asia and is quickly gaining popularity in the United States, though it still remains confusing to some practitioners. Deciding which type of laser to use and how to use it are the primary questions with which many practitioners struggle. To help you come up to speed and make the right decisions, here's a primer on laser acupuncture.

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Laser Acupuncture in Your Practice: A Follow-Up Q&A

By Kimberly Thompson L.Ac.
Who knew the floodgates would open after writing my last article on Laser Acupuncture entitled: Laser Acupuncture in YOUR Practice: What you Need to Know. The purpose of the original article was to spark an interest in the possibility of adding laser treatment options to your practice. Since the article was written, I have received a mass of emails from practitioners who want to know more.

Here are a few of the things I've learned from the feedback:

1. Acupuncturists are interested in incorporating laser treatment into their clinic.

"I like the idea of being able to reach people who would otherwise stay away from acupuncture."

"Your most recent article in Acupuncture Today on laser acupuncture struck me as really profound and resourceful."

2. Those who are using laser treatment find it effective.

"Kimberly, thanks to you, I pulled out my old laser 635nM, having forgotten about it for many years. I used it on an area where I had bitten my inside lower lip & [the pain] instantly decreased about 98% using the laser! So, now I have started introducing it to a few patients."

"I like it! It's very nice on 'calming' points. HT 7, Yintang etc. I find it useful to use both blue and red simultaneously...i.e. blue on LR 2 and red on SP 2. It's nicer than needles on jing-well points."

"I love the blue laser. I've been using it for two weeks and am having amazing results! The first day I used it to treat plantar fascia tightness and cervical tightness. The patients reported back the following day that they noticed a decrease in symptoms and felt more relaxed in those areas. I highly recommend it and already have told several others to buy one."

3. Practitioners want to know MORE.

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