Professional AAH Light LED Light Torch

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Professional quality at an affordable price

The AAH Light is professional-grade phototherapy equipment. Made from only the highest quality materials, and engineered for years of service, your AAH light will get the job done whenever, and wherever you need it. Studies show light therapy has the following benefits:

  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Increases lymphatic activity
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Accelerates cell regeneration
  • Increases circulation
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Increases anti-viral properties
  • Encourages collagen production
  • Regulates serotonin levels

Both LED lights feature 3 power levels - 100, 250, and 500 mW (red) and 250, 500, and 1000 mW (blue) - to give you the right amount of power for any application, or any animal - large or small.

The red light treats pain, inflammation, swelling, wounds, and chronic conditions. It can also be applied to acupuncture points for safe, natural stimulation, calming treatments, or even emotional needs.

The blue light treats acute injuries, bruising and acute inflammation, much like ice. It's also excellent for skin conditions.

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, AAH lights are water resistant, slip resistant, and built to last. Each light comes with a high-capacity lithium ion battery, pocket clip, secure lanyard, and belt holster. Each package also includes a battery charger. Unlike other LEDs, AAH Light maintains consistent power throughout each treatment.

Light therapy is a safe, natural, effective alternative to drugs. It has gained a reputation as a gentle, yet powerful approach for pain, inflammation and wound healing, with no side effects.

Try the AAH Light risk free, with our 100% money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

What’s Included?

AAH Light Red:
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AAH Light Blue:
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What users are saying:

I love my AAH light : ) I have used it in on my myself, family, friends and clients. I would not be without it. I have used the red light on joint injuries, swelling and inflammation, wounds, scratches and insect bites with wonderful results. I also have the blue light which I have used on spider bites, ring worm, puncture wounds, infections from splinters, and skin issues with infection that would not heal. I have alternated both the blue and red lights on the latter and for the icing of injuries I have had nothing short of amazing results in using both lights for antibacterial and anti-fungal issues as well. It is truly an amazing light.
Janice Jones
I was definitely a skeptic at first! I broke my clavicle in 5 pieces and my first rib in a horse accident. I saw this product being demonstrated at a horse expo and they wanted to try it on me, I went ahead and let them try it on the area around my hand. Later that night I went home and reach for the faucet and realized that I didn't have any pain or stiffness...after having my arm in a sling for 2 months due to surgery it had became stiff. The next day I called and ordered the AAH Light. Almost 2 years later I am pain free from anything!! Being 52 years old and being thrown off a horse 14 times in the last 4 years does take its toll on me.
J. Stoltz

Purchase Options:

AAH Light
Red LED Torch:

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Buy the AAH Light
Red LED Torch—
Includes FREE Charger!

Only $348

AAH Light
Blue LED Torch:

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Buy the AAH Light
Blue LED Torch—
Includes FREE Charger!

Only $348

Matched LED Set
1 AAH Light Red
1 AAH Light Blue

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Buy the Matched LED Set
Red & Blue
Includes FREE Charger!

Only $677
FLASH SALE! Only $497

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between the AAH Lights and the lasers we sell on our website?

The AAH Light is an LED producing incoherent light. Our lasers produce coherent laser light. Each type of light has specific effects and uses. For more detailed information, please see our video, “What is the Difference Between Laser and LED Light?”

Why are the AAH Lights more expensive? Are they LED?

The AAH Lights include a rechargeable lithium battery, charger, and belt carrier. They also produce more overall light power than our lasers, though both lasers and AAH Lights are LED based.

What does nm, mW output mean and how do I compare those with Aah Light and Lasers?

The color of the light is expressed in nm (nanometers of wavelength.) Red lights fall in the 630-670 nm range. Blue lights fall 430-470 nm range. The power output of the light is expressed in nW (milliwatts.) AAH Lights output more power, but do so over a larger area, for a less-intense output than a laser.

Should I buy a blue AAH Light or a red Aah Light? For example I am treating my dog for arthritis. Which is better?

Blue is better for inflammation and acute injuries. Red is better for healing, pain, and tissue repair. Sometimes the best approach is to try both colors and see which gives the best results. You may also use both colors together.

Do you have any charts for Animal Meridians?

Yes, we offer a very detailed horse meridian flip chart. You can order that here.

Can the AAH lights be used on humans or just for animals?

You may use your AAH Light on all animals, large or small, human or otherwise.

I just purchased my AAH Light and left it charging over night and the light indicator is still red. Is this normal? Does it take this long to charge? Once fully charged, how long will my AAH Light battery last?

Yes, this is normal. A full recharge can take 12-14 hours. Once fully charged, your AAH Light will give you days or weeks of intermittent use before needing to be charged.